Monday, March 8, 2010

Awfully Dusty Around Here...So Go to!

As you may have noticed if you've stopped by the UFW since, I dunno, SIX MONTHS AGO, this blog has run its course. I had a great time spitting some analysis out about politics, both national and Arkansas-centric, but, as a wise, old, toothless, cross-eyed man named John Brummett once told me, "If you don't have anything new or helpful to say on the matter, don't say it."

The day-to-day job of running this type of site was too much for my creative capacities and interest. I was getting around to not only repeating what everyone else was saying, but beginning to repeat what I was saying, which is weird and uncomfortable.

But if you liked this blog, you'll probably like my next venture, too. Zack Gets Down,, is going to be more rants from me but on a more broad range of topics. There's going to be regular features, daily updates, pictures, video; everything your heart could hope for.

Anyway, I hope you'll stop on by there. It's going to be fun.